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Center for Environmental Protection ,Safety and Hygiene


Center for Environmental Protection ,Safety and Hygiene

In order to implement the school’s policies pertaining to the environmental protection and the security and sanitation of the laborers on campus, and enhance the quality of the campus environment, thereby to ensure the health and security of all the members in the school, the board of directors of our school drafted and passed the regulations on “The Establishment of Institution for Environmental Protection and Security and Sanitation” in June, 2001. In August of the same year, the school set up a center for environmental protection and sanitation and security.

Division of Environmental Protection

Our division takes charge of the organization, execution of projects related to campus environment and resource management, supervising the prevention, monitoring, and control of campus pollution behaviors.

Division of Security and Sanitation

Our division is in charge of projects related to the security and sanitation of laboratories, and the management of fire-fighting and radioactivity. We plan and offer training courses related to this field and supervise laborer’s health check-ups and management.

Division: Environmental Protection, Security, and Sanitation
Director of division: (Chung-tzu Wang)
Telephone: (02)8212-2000#2014、(02)8212-2000#2017
Fax: (02)8212-2873
Location: 1st floor, Administration Building


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