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Construction Sec.

Division leader

Liu Sheng Wen(劉聖文) Agent: Huang Kui Jie(黃奎傑)

Job content

1. Comprehensively manage the construction of the school and repair the administrative affairs of various matters.

2. The annual camp budget planning and implementation control.

3. To review and promote the planning and implementation of various construction projects of the school.

4. Responsible for the overall space design planning of the whole school and the construction and repair of the school's needs.

5. Handling the business of the relevant general manager instructing the relevant works.

6. Responsible for the whole group work planning, command, supervision and other matters.

7. Promotion and implementation of the camp business.

Ext. 2033



Division member

Huang Kui Jie(黃奎傑) Agent: Yu Wen Ying(俞文英)

Job content

1. responsible for the entire school air conditioning maintenance and maintenance.

2. The operation and maintenance of the power monitoring system.

3. The school building repair, inspection and other work.

4. The temporary handling of incident handling.

Ext. 2035



Division member

Yu Wen Ying(俞文英) Agent: Huang Kui Jie(黃奎傑)

Job content

1. The business of the Zooli camp.

2. Responsible for the collection and delivery of official documents in this group.

3. Responsible for the general affairs report case.

4. The group's petty cash is reported.

5. The general purchase order is verified and reported.

6. the school telephone business processing.

7. general classroom information desk maintenance.

8. teacher research room access control management.

9. temporary handling of incident handling.

Ext. 2034


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