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Document and File Sec.

Division leader

Chen Xuan ying(陳渲瓔) Agent: Chen Hui Qun(陳惠群)

Job content

1. Plan the whole school document processing business.

2. The establishment and amendment of the handling of documents.

3. The formulation and revision of relevant documents of this group.

4. The budget of this group is compiled.

5. The confidential letter registration was transferred to Chen.

6. Responsible for the official document management system (total receipt, total distribution, archives, system management, audit management).

7. Modulation of the schedule of timeliness statistics for monthly official documents.

8. The official document audit results control statistics report.

9. The official document is reminded, and the expected reminders of each unit are printed.

10. The regulation of postage in the whole school.

Ext. 2016




Division member

Chen Hui Qun(陳惠群) Agent: Chen Xuan ying(陳渲瓔)

Job content

1. The electronic document system to send and receive official documents is beaten.

2. The postal document notification and postage registration, report production.

3. The entire school file archive registration matters.

4. The official document archives and expected reminders.

5. Log-in processing of the retired text.

6. The school's official documents and faculty students send and receive letters.

7. The beating of the comprehensive business of the paperwork group.

Ext. 2012


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